How Create An Online Presence For Your Business

How Create An Online Presence For Your Business

In my first podcast, I’ve decided to walk you through the process of creating an online presence for your business.

Transcript – If you’re someone who has just started his business or you are new to the entrepreneurial world then creating an online presence can be a time-consuming process. Because having a strong online presence doesn’t happen overnight.

Creating an online presence for your business is very crucial now more than ever as it allows people to find you, interact with you, and get to know about your business. All this will ultimately lead them to trust you.

But building an online presence can be less time consuming and less frustrating if you know where to start.

In this episode, I will share with you 7 steps that will help you to create an online presence.

So in the first step, we are going to create a digital strategy

To create a digital strategy we have to specify how we are going to track goals and which metrics we’re going to focus on to measure our success.

Let’s say you want to increase brand awareness of your business so to measure your brand awareness campaign success we have to check how much traffic your website is getting and how much engagement, likes, followers, share your social media posts are getting to evaluate our efforts.

This is why first and foremost it is very important to know our short term and long term goals without them we cannot create a digital strategy properly.

And while you are creating an online presence for your business you have to constantly ask yourself are these efforts helping you reach your business goals

Because we shouldn’t create an online presence for your business just for the sake of creating an online presence it has to be done strategically so that it helps to grow your business otherwise we are just wasting our time our efforts and money.

And before you begin anything I would suggest you write your goals several studies have shown that being able to describe your goals in a written form gives you the best chance of goal success.

Because writing down your goals help you to clarify exactly what you want to achieve from your business. This will help you guide your daily actions towards goal achievement.

Next, after writing your goals you have to track them monthly to make sure you’re on the right track. This will help you to make sure that you’re not wasting your time and investments and will give you results that will help you achieve your business goals.

The second step is to build a solid platform for most small businesses and entrepreneurs building a solid platform start with your website.

 Your website is your hub a centralized place where people can go to learn more about what you have to offer contact you and interact and engage with your content.

Your website’s homepage must have a clear message about what your business is all about and the home page must include easy to use navigation you can add a pop of form so you can start building your email list. Next on your website, you must have a contact page and a blog section where you can share valuable content that explains what your products are and what your business is all about.

 In addition to that, you can to also include on your blog page new products, their features and offers to inform your customers about new developments on your product or services.

Search engine optimization or SEO is also one of the most important aspects to make sure your website ranks on the top of the various search engines such as Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook etc.

If you are not an SEO expert then there are great resources out there that can help you understand it or you can also ask for help from those around you with an understanding of SEO to help you get started.

You can hire a professional search engine optimizer so that your website can rank top on the search engine and will get clicks and traffic that will help you reach your business goals.

If you are unaware of search engine optimization it is an organic way to get your website on the top of a search engine it is a long term process

But there are other non-organic ways where you can get your website on top of the search engine in a matter of hours by using Google ads.

On the Google ads platform, you can create an advertisement for your website so that your website can show on the top of the search engine.

But it is a costly affair and for a small business owner, I would suggest starting with search engine optimization and grow your website organically which is more beneficial in the long run it takes much less investment when you compare it with paid advertisements. 

The third step is to always be optimizing.

Don’t get stuck thinking that you cannot put something out until it’s perfect because It’s never going to be perfect.

Just start, knowing that you will always be improving upon your content and what you have to offer. Continuously looking for ways to improve and optimize your site and your content post-launch is 100 times better than not launching.

Look it’s a process. The longer you wait to start, the longer it’ll be until you’re able to reach your goals.

Fourth step I would suggest you provide consistent and valuable content to your audience Be it website your online community, your YouTube channel or social media.

The focus should be on providing consistent and valuable content first

So you must be wondering what kind of content we should be providing to your audience and your customers.

Well, It can be a blog a podcast video it can even be an Ebook but make sure it is consistent and relevant.

You should also create a content creation plan for your business to help you get started.

When you give consistent and valuable content to your audience you will gain credibility and authority in your industry and you will give people a reason to follow you.

In addition to that you can share other people content also I think 70 per cent to 80 per cent of content should be your original content and 20 to 30 per cent you can share other people’s content.

There’s a silver lining to sharing other people’s content not only you will provide valuable content to your customer but in addition to that, you will build a relationship with people in your industry whose content you are sharing.

Now in the fifth step, we will talk about social media presence.

You know, what I like about social media is that it will allow you to be anywhere and connect with people from everywhere. But I would not suggest you be everywhere on social media focus on 2 to 3 social media platforms, to begin with.

Set up your profile on 2 to 3 social media platforms and regularly post and engage with your audience.

Remember on social media, consistency is the key. If you are not able to manage your social channels by posting regularly and being a part of the conversation then it’s going to be hard to increase your following.

Social media can be one of the greatest tools to help you gain fans and followers and once you have those followers it will help you develop a strong relationship with those who know like and trust you.

The sixth step is to build a strong network.

To build your network find a group or online community that is made up of individuals who share the same interests or who runs similar businesses as you do. Then start building relationships with them by providing value and being an active member of that group.

if you’re just starting chances are these people are better connected than you and that they might be able to help introduce you to other people in your niche or industry you should also join groups with members who fit the description of your customers by joining these communities you will gain priceless insights and the pain points in that industry.

These pain points can help you create a product or service your customers’ wants so you have to find these 2 types of communities to build a strong network.

But remember start by adding value to others first when entering a group or committee it’s important for you do not advertise yourself or your business from the beginning.

First, you have to start building strong relationships with the people in the community through communication, helping people, buy guiding people to make better wise decisions,

When you do that they will naturally become interested in what it is you have going on with you and then you can start sharing your content.

Another way to build a network is to request people in your industry to let you feature on their blog or their videos/podcast.

Because this is another great way to reach newer audiences and build relationships with the people in your industry.

The last step is to have patience, to create online presence patience is very important as you can see it is a time taking process and if you don’t have patience you will give up easily.

Having an online presence will increase your potential and help you scale your business by reaching a newer audience and building relationships with the people in your industry.

If you’re able to start building a strong platform, create consistent and valuable content; establish a presence on social media, and build meaningful relationships online, then you will create a strong presence on the web. But it takes time and so you have to be willing to be patient and remember you don’t have to be everywhere online but you do have to be somewhere.

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